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19 April 2010 @ 09:52 pm
after a long, long.... obsession.  

well, happens that I completly forgot that I had a lj blog. I remembered just yesterday..
awww.. well let's start to talk about small and big obssions..
GUILTY PLEASURES, if you may. what's yours?
everyone has one. I'm sure
I have new one every 6 months..It's a cycle...
last year it was Twilight Series.. what can i do, I'm a girl. then later I read the whole Harry Potter Series. Obessed again.
Even though I can't  wait fro the both movies "Eclipse" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" I must tell you that I have a new obsession.
Korean Dramas. really, what is it that are so good? I don't know.  I watch like 7 in the past months.
My Girl.
Full House.
Boys Over Flowers.
You're Beautiful.
Coffee Prince
Love Marriage
and Last but not least WE GOT MARRIED!
well, It's not a drama. It's a variety show, whatever that means.
Now you ask, how the heck did i know about the Korean Dramas?
I have to blame my sister for that. Blame ot Thank? 
huh? Still deciding ...
But I know it very addictive, so if you decide in watching any drama above, you may be in it for the long run.
*sighs* obsessions, obsessions,. If Pastor read this. She'll probably tell me that a should get obsessed with reading the Bible.. :O
Oh, well..............
If you have time, check it out...
but be careful...
it's highly dangerous..

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